We provide a multitude of special services.

Colour Consultancy

Starting from the point where a thought of painting your house comes up in your mind, You can avail service from us. We help you right from color selection to finaly get it painted on your walls.

Paint Total Service

Geting your walls painted by the city's best painters, is just a phone call away. All you have to do is call us and we get them to your house right away.

Colour Idea Store

Our paint studio helps you to see how different varieties of decorative paints and products will look like at your home


Colour Idea Store

The Colour Ideas Store is an idea that’s a clear shift from the traditional way one would buy paint. Often considered a dreary, our aim is to make this process as involving and pleasurable as possible.

Home decorating is seen as an extremely complicated task. This store helps demystify the painting process for the consumer and guides consumers in selection of colours, finishes and style for the home which suits individual’s tastes and preferences.

This store ideas in simplifying the painting process for the customer and helps them in choosing the colours, finishes, and style for the home which suits the ideas and preferences of the individuals.

Paint Total service

Presenting Paint Total ,an end to end painting service that ensures all your home decor ideas get the right expression. Just choose your favourite colour combinations , designs, products and see how the service will bring them to life, just the way you imagined.